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Fines and Fees

Schedule of Overdue Fines
Material Fine
Books $.20/day
Audios/CDs/MPs $.50/day
Videos/DVDs $1.00/day
Interlibrary Loans $1.00/day
Equipment $5.00/day

Attempts are made to notify library patrons of overdue materials according to the following schedule:

  • First overdue notice- at one week overdue

  • Second overdue notice- at two weeks overdue

  • Third overdue notice- at four weeks overdue; this notice includes a bill for the replacement cost of the overdue material.

Replacement Costs of Materials:

Materials lost or damaged beyond further use must be paid for by the patron. If the price of the material is not indicated library staff should consult resources like Amazon.com, Alibris.com, Baker & Taylor, or a comparable title in the collection, for retail pricing information. Replacement copies can be negotiated with the managing librarian. No processing or re-stocking fees are charged. Overdue fees are not charged if materials are paid for.

Additional Fees

Library Card Replacement First one free; $3.00 for any additional replacements
Proctoring Tests (some libraries) $20.00 per test
Rental fee for Fiction DVDs and Videos $1.00 per week
Notary Public (some libraries) $5.00
Torn pages in books $1.00 a page; if more than 5 pages book must be replaced
Torn book jacket or book cover $1.00
Torn book pocket $1.00
Writing or drawing in book $1.00 a page; if more than 5 pages book must be replaced
Lost or damaged audio book, single cassette $10.00; obsolete format
Lost of damaged audio book cassette case No longer charging for these. Obsolete format
Lost or damaged music or audio book, single CD $10.00
Lost or damaged book CD case Small (up to 12 CDs) - $6.00
Large (up to 24 CDs) - $8.00
Los or damaged music CD case $2.00
Lost or damaged video/DVD case $2.00

Patrons returning materials soiled or damaged may be charged additional fees depending on the extent of the damage.

Suspension of Library Privileges

A library patron’s borrowing privileges are suspended if he/she has overdue materials, or if he/she owes more than $3.00 in overdue fines.

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