Action Needed Today!

Your library needs your help! If you’ve kept up with news in Raleigh you may be aware that the Senate had planned to take a vote on the budget this week. It appears that may not happen though and they will probably adjourn by Thursday.
As a result, CPC and other libraries in NC need your support today. Time is running out to make this happen!
Please contact your state Representatives and Senators requesting support for an ANER (Agriculture, and Natural and Economic Resources) mini-bill to include the $200,000 recurring appropriation for NC Kids Digital Library; $500,000 non-recurring increase in 2019-20 for State Aid to Public Libraries and $ 1,850,000 non-recurring increase in 2020-21 for State Aid to Public Libraries. The General Assembly has helped just about everyone else through mini-bills and we urgently need their support to ensure our citizens, especially the kids, maintain access to important library resources.
Please call or email to let them know how important this is. If NC Kids Digital Library goes unfunded, Pamlico, Craven, and Carteret will be greatly impacted in our outreach to our rural areas.
The increases to State Aid are crucial to maintaining quality services, especially in smaller rural communities. While our appropriations may seem small to some, the impact they will have on our communities is huge! We don’t want Library funding to be a forgotten casualty of the budget stalemate.
Help your libraries by requesting their support and ensuring our counties are heard.
NC Representatives
Pamlico Representative – Bobby Hanig, phone: 919-733-5906,
Craven Representatives:
Keith Kidwell, Main Phone: 919-733-5881
Michael Speciale, Main Phone: 252-635-5326
Carteret Representative
Pat McElraft, Main Phone:252-342-0693
Craven, Pamlico,Carteret Senator
Office Phone: (919) 733-5706
We appreciate your help with this request!