Weekly Puzzle Challenges for Adults & Teens

Try our puzzles for a little fun and earn an entry into weekly prize drawings.  Each puzzle is a PDF that can be filled out via the computer.  Save your completed puzzle and submit it via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as an attachment.  Puzzles can also be printed out and submitted to your local library by the entry date.

A new puzzle will be posted on Sunday and should be completed and submitted to the library via email by Saturday.  Participants who complete the puzzle correctly will be emailed a Mission Code to enter through their READsquared Summer Reading account to earn their weekly Puzzle Badge and an entry into the prize drawing.


Week 5 - Vocal Word Puzzle - Answer Key

Week 4 - Sudoku Puzzle - Answer Key

Week 3 - Mythology Puzzle - Answer Key

Week 2 - Rebus Puzzle (pdf) - Answer Key

Week 1 - Scrambled Titles (pdf) - Answer Key