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CPC Regional Library Poetry Contest

Thanks to everyone that entered a poem in our Poetry Contest.  We received a lot of really good poems and it was a hard decision for our panel of judges to just pick 3 from each age group (they didn't entirely succeed).  The judges had a great time reading all the poems and were impressed with the creativity shown. 
The following prizes are awarded winners in each age group.
    1st Place $35.00 Amazon Gift Card
    2nd Place $25.00 Amazon Gift Card
    3rd Place $15.00 Amazon Gift Card

We encourage everyone to keep writing and dreaming.

Here are our winners!  

Children Up to 12 Years Old

1st Place
Michael Bettcher
The Spiders 

On an average autumn day
Beautiful fall leaves were dropping next to the barn.
As the sky turned twilight, gusty winds brought in the rain.
Spiders raced to the barn to find comfort
And busily wove new homes next to some dusty cobwebs. 

Soon, the storm ended,

Sun peeked through the clouds
Reflecting on the shiny new webs built by spiders.
Happily, they admired their hard work.
Then sleepily closed their eyes and rested.

Michael's 5 random words: average, shiny, fall, comfort, cobweb

2nd Place
Jubilee Kot

I Give Up Trying to Write a Poem! 

It was a dark and stormy night…
no no let’s do something else!
besides it always ends in a fight.
ok ok it was a cheerful and sunny day…
Stop!! no sunny days they make me sweat!     
    Ok ok if you say,
There once was a frog,
Eeeeew I don’t like frogs their skin is so slimy!
Ok fine there was a dog. 
    Not a dog a pup.
You’re so disagreeable       
    I give up!

Jubilee's 5 random words: dark, cheerful, frogs, skin,disagreeable

3rd Place
Alastir Whitfield
King Al's Revenge 

I have cheerful skin,
Just like a frog. 

If you are disagreeable,
I'll hide you in the bog. 

I won't let you in the park,
Because it's way after dark. 

So agree with me,
And I'll let you be.

Alastir's 5 random words: dark, cheerful, frog, skin,disagreeable

Young Adult - 13 to 18 Years Old

1st Place
Bonnie Frazer

Love Myself   

I thought I loved you. I gave you my heart.
I trusted you to keep it safe from all harm.
But little did I know you were not to be trusted from the start.  
Many warned me, but I gave it no thought.  
For I wanted to believe that we could make it,
xxxno matter what.                      

Looking back now I realize my mistake,
and what a mistake I did make.
For I was soon to find out that you'd abandon me without a
xxxsecond thought.      

I've retained these memories in my thoughts.
And remember feeling as though you’d stabbed me directly in  
the heart, and I watched as the red blood slowly poured out.     

I used to fear the thought of being alone.
So now I thank you,
for in the end you have taught me that I need to follow my own route.
No matter where it may lead, I need to travel down it by myself.
Because in the end I need to know how to love myself,
for I am beautiful inside and out.

Bonnie's 5 random words: warned, abandon, retained, red, route.

2nd Place
Alexxis Whitfield
Ask The Sky 

There once was a man
as grouchy as could be.
He lived at the top
of the world's ugliest tree. 

He had a wife
who was full of life
and yearned to break free. 

Then one day she had the idea
to leave the ugly tree.
She climbed down further and further
until the grouchy old man
no longer saw her. 

Once at the bottom she looked up at the sky
asking to justify, "Why the man she loved
was as grouchy as he could be?
"The sky then told her,
"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

Alexxis's 5 random words: idea, top, grouchy, justify, break

3rd Place
Lily Bettcher
I Blinked 

I blinked and light flashed
Illuminating an outcrop of pockmarked stone
Rain running off in rivulets
Away from the tiny creatures
For whom the stone provides shelter
I blinked and it disappeared
Gone into the world of pounding rain and obsidious wind 

Swirling, wailing wind
Whipping branches, ripping heather
I peer wide-eyed behind the window curtains
Then jerk back hastily as a scourge of wood and leaf
Scritches, scratches across the transparent glass
The first of many, it continues nonstop.
I do nothing; sitting on my bed
Thrills of excitement course through me 

Thunder growls
I imagine an unknown beast
Prowling...on the hunt
It will not leave until its hunger abates
Thunder clashes with lightning, wind rages...
That is my world as the minutes slowly slip by
I watch the clock at my bedside
Perpetually ticking away
Always the same sound
Outside, the storm moans
My cheek is settled against my pillow
The storm lulls me...
My eyelids are heavy, they drift down
Sunlight streams through the glass.

Lily's 5 random words: leaf, stone, provide, do, nonstop

Adult - 19 + Years Old

1st Place
Amy Tattersall

For William Carlos Williams

so much depends
what is seen, heard, observed
or not
beautiful, wondrous moments
retained or lost
like abandoned objects on the side of road
random words driving
my thoughts
on a circuitous route
wandering recollections
while the red sun warns
of evening dark
so much depends
what is seen, heard, observed
or not

Amy's 5 random words: retain, abandoned, red, route, warn

2nd Place
Lisa Keesen
6 AM 

It's about to start. 

The music to soothe,
The melody to embrace. 

The sounds to draw you in
with the vibrations to tickle your chin. 

It's the birds in the trees,
And the songs they are singing. 

Bringing on the morning
Greeting you today. 

The songs to make you smile,
And brighten your day.

Lisa's 5 random words: listen, chin, start, draw, soothe

And tied for 3rd Place
3rd Place
Peg Vick
Scarce is Sleep

Scarce is sleep
I count sheep
I start again

Peg's 5 random words: Sheep, sleep, useless, scarce, start

3rd Place
Elizabeth DeVan

Three A.M.

I'm awake.
One idea after another   
    prances across my eyelid-screen   
    daring me to justify my right to live   
    through this pandemic.
Off the top of my pillow:       
    No one else could figure out my system       
    for doing taxes.      
    Who would go through       
    my boxes of letters,       
    credit card offers,       
    used tissues stuck together by melted cough drops?       
    At heaven's gate I would be       
    grouchy as the devil       
    if we failed to attain our fiftieth wedding anniversary       
    after bothering to put up with each other for       
    forty-nine years and nine months!
To prancing thoughts I say,
Give me a break!
Let me sleep in peace   
    but not yet rest in peace!

Elizabeth's 5 random words: idea, top, grouchy, justify, break

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